BFP Releases State of the Movement Report

Report Highlights New England’s Emerging Move Beyond Fossil Fuels

As a reminder that sustainability is not an annual event, Better Future Project today released The State of the Movement: New England’s Transition Beyond Fossil Fuels, which catalogues sustainability efforts throughout the region. The report details dozens of local projects that are not simply about recycling or solar panels; rather, people investing time and energy to transform their community one garden, one street, or one building at a time. It demonstrates that the movement beyond fossil fuels is diverse and thriving.

The report is the result of Better Future Project’s Climate Summer program. In 2011, 31 Climate Summer interns toured New England exclusively by bicycle, spreading a simple message: New England needs to move beyond fossil fuels. The riders collaborated with local organizations and individuals in the towns they visited. They lent hands to their projects, co-organized events, and connected them to other efforts in the area, while sharing earned local media with their partners. These Climate Riders will return to towns throughout New England for the program’s fourth year this June, July, and August.

The report focuses on the following categories: sustainable economies, sustainable food systems, waste and materials management, transportation, green spaces, building efficiency, renewable energy, environmental justice, and community resilience. In addition, it includes town profiles that provide information of what specific towns are doing to rely less on fossil fuels, and what organizations people can get involved in.

Better Future Project, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a new, grassroots organization dedicated to moving America and the world beyond energy sources that harm human health, human dignity, and human life. With a focus on leadership development, network-building, and engagement platforms, Better Future Project’s main programs include Climate Summer, Ride for the Future (which will launch in New Orleans in May), and 350 Massachusetts.

To download the report, please visit our Resources page.

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