350 Massachusetts Launches!

Cambridge, MA: With over 150 people and much enthusiasm, 350 Massachusetts was officially launched on June 28th. 350 Massachusetts is a volunteer-led, campaign-focused initiative convened and staffed by Better Future Project, connecting and organizing a strong grassroots coalition to address climate change and build a just and secure future beyond fossil fuels. 350MA aims to connect the many people and organizations in Massachusetts that have organized and been involved in 350.org events and that support 350.org’s mission of building a movement to solve the climate crisis.

A formalized 350MA network will provide Massachusetts individuals, organizations, and businesses easy pathways to get involved in the climate movement, quickly and effectively mobilize Massachusetts in local, regional, national, and international actions and events, provide communication pathways and co-creative opportunities between 350 groups across the Commonwealth and in the New England region, and give visibility to the 350 movement in Massachusetts.

The event, held in First Church Cambridge, officially introduced the network to Massachusetts. The meeting began with a sharing activity, in which people paired off and discussed their previous organizing experiences and reasons for getting involved with 350MA. After a few minutes, the group collected together and heard from some pairs, learning about people pioneering scientific technology to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, veteran organizers, and young people who are just beginning to get involved. Phil Aroneanu, the current 350.org US Campaign Director, then shared his own experiences and advice on how to organize a successful campaign.

Though 350MA is very new, there are already many emerging campaigns. End Fossil Fuel Subsidies aims to stop federal subsidies to fossil fuel companies and is organizing an End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Day of Action on August 4th. Tar Sands Free New England will work with the existing 350.org New England network to prevent the use of an existing pipeline to carry Canadian tar sands from Quebec to Portland, ME. No More Fracked Gas to Massachusetts will focus on preventing the widening of an existing pipeline that carries natural gas extracted by hydraulic fracturing to New England. No Coal by 2020 has set the goal to eliminate all coal plants in Massachusetts by 2020. There was much energy and excitement to work on these initiatives, and it is great to know that there are so many people in Massachusetts ready to take action and tackle climate change.

For more information and to join the mailing list, visit http://350ma.org.

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