Climate Summer (New England):

Climate Summer strengthens the ties between and among communities and students.  The Climate riders travel exclusively by bicycle in small teams across New England, spending approximately one week in a community before biking on to the next. While in each town, riders connect with community leaders who are actively addressing society’s addiction to fossil fuels by crafting local solutions that strengthen communities. Riders bring with them a movement-building perspective, empowering those they meet and helping to highlight the important work of local organizations with the local press and in our digital Movement Map, which will catalogue the efforts of groups in each community visited. Read more about Climate Summer.


Ride for the Future (Gulf Coast):

In the summer of 2012, our Ride for the Future team will travel exclusively by bicycle together from New Orleans to ExxonMobil’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas.  Along the way, the participants will learn from and highlight local efforts to improve communities while transitioning them away from fossil fuels.  At the same time, the riders will highlight the harms fossil fuels cause communities, from health impacts caused by pollution, to the destruction of life and livelihoods caused by both oil spills and climate-induced storms. At ExxonMobil’s headquarters, the riders will call for a meeting with executives from the world’s wealthiest fossil fuel company to ask them to recognize their responsibility to help America and the world rapidly and responsibly transition away from fossil fuels. Read more about Ride for the Future.


350 Massachusetts (Massachusetts):

In a deepening of our partnership with, Better Future Project is convening and staffing a volunteer-led, campaign-focused network, 350 Massachusetts, which will help coordinate events and campaigns across Massachusetts and take part in other local campaigns that volunteers suggest. To read more or to get involved, please visit 350 Massachusetts.


Past Events:

Moving New England (New England):

Better Future Project partnered with over 100 local groups and organizations to host a very successful 1,500-person Moving Planet: New England event in September 2011 to call for New England, the United States, and the world to move beyond fossil fuels. Read more about Moving New England.

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