Better Future Project Reports:

Politicians and Their Professors: The Discrepancy Between Science and Policy
Massachusetts Edition

This report The report examines the discrepancy between politicians and their university alma maters on climate change by comparing the stances of Presidential candidates and Harvard Alumni Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as well as every current and prospective member of Massachusetts’ Congressional delegation to the peer-reviewed research of the scientists from each politician’s alma mater. Of the 203 professors found to be publishing on climate change, 202 agree with the consensus (99.5%). Yet of the 16 MA current and prospective federal politicians, only 9 (56.25%) explicitly back the climate consensus. Click here to read the full report, and here to read the research conducted on the professors. Click here for the press release.

Politicians and Their Professors: New Hampshire Edition

The New Hampshire Edition of the same report, released in the aftermath of Frankenstorm, found similar levels of consensus (99.3%) among relevant faculty, and a similar lack of overwhelming consensus among the alumni of the institutions who seek to represent the people of New Hampshire. Click here to read the report for more information, and click here to read the research. (Please note that the research for the presidential candidates is drawn from the MA report research, above).

Massachusetts’ Rising Economic Risk from Climate Change

This report is authored by Robert Repetto, author of the 2011 book America’s Climate Problem: The Way Forward. He is a Senior Fellow in the United Nations Foundation’s climate and energy program. It lays out how Massachusetts residents’ health, economy, and environment are already suffering from the effects of climate change and how prolonged inaction will guarantee dire consequences in the coming decades.  Download the full report or a one-page synopsis.


Energy Casualties: How People are Dying for our Energy

Energy Casualties is a meticulously researched report that cites relevant and unbiased health, security, and justice institutions to demonstrate the full security, health, and justice costs that fossil fuels impose on human society.





State of the Movement: New England’s Transition Beyond Fossil Fuels

This report looks at the best practices and general trends that Better Future Project’s 2011 Climate Summer riders discovered during their visits to approximately 40 New England communities last summer.
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