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    Paul Hoxie: Talked with an aid to Gov. Baker. Expressed my disappointment in Trump’s leaving the Paris agreement. Complimented Gov Baker for urging Trump to do otherwise. Recommended that he join Gov Brown in taking action to reduce the severity of Climate Damage. Asked when Gov Baker would release a roadmap on how Mass will get to 25% carbon reduction by 2020. Aid did not know when/if this would be released. Aid would convey these thoughts to Gov Baker.

    Trump dumped Paris—#ActOnClimate Gov. Baker!

    Urge Governor Baker to release a clean energy roadmap for Massachusetts.

    On June 1, President Trump abandoned our nation’s responsibility to participate in the global response to the climate crisis. Two days later, after receiving hundreds of constituent phone calls, Gov. Baker signed Massachusetts on to the US Climate Alliance, a coalition of states pledging to uphold the Paris Agreement at the state level.

    The next step is for Baker to release a roadmap to get Massachusetts back on track to meet or exceed the 25% carbon reduction by 2020 required by state law, which is necessary for our state to do its part in to meet the carbon reduction targets stipulated in the Paris Agreement.

    Please take two minutes to call Governor Baker at 617-725-4005. Use these talking points or your own words (it counts to leave a message):

    • [Introduce yourself and provide your address.]

    • I am calling to thank Gov. Baker for adding Massachusetts to the US Climate Alliance and to urge him to release a roadmap to get Massachusetts back on track to meet 25% carbon reduction by 2020 as required by Massachusetts law.

    • Do you know when Gov. Baker plans to release his specific plans to meet this mandated carbon reduction target?

    • [Don't forget to thank the staff person for her or his time!]

    308 calls

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