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    Meet the National Campus Organizing Team!

    We are excited to announce the new additions to our National Campus Divestment Organizing Team!

    We are very proud to welcome Gabbi and Rachel as our two Campus Organizers! They are both recent graduates who were key student leaders of fossil fuel divestment campaigns on their campuses. We are lucky to have incredibly experienced, passionate, and talented people who are continuing to commit to this movement by helping to grow the leadership of a new generation of student organizers. They will be working together with Alyssa and Craig this summer to plan our national campus divestment strategy and program, as well as throughout the upcoming years to act as campaign coaches and program coordinators. Read on to learn more about Gabbi and Rachel!

    Gabriella Zutrau, Campus Organizer, [email protected] 

    Gabbi was born and raised in Boston, and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Gabbi is a graduate of Smith College, where she completed a double major in Linguistics and Psychology with a concentration in Mandarin translation studies. Early on at Smith, Gabbi co-founded Divest Smith College. She also currently runs Smith College Alums for Responsible Investing, a network of alums urging Smith to use its power for good by putting its money where its mouth is. In New York, Gabbi worked as a campaign coordinator on the campaign to divest the New York State pension fund from the fossil fuel industry, and she helped Kolot Chayeinu become the first Jewish congregation in the U.S. to publicly divest from fossil fuels. Gabbi is also an active member of the Jews of Color Caucus at Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, where she uses her digital and offline organizing skills to fight for police accountability and an end to broken windows policing. Gabbi is working remotely from her home in New York and on a half-time basis.

    Rachel Schlueter, Campus Organizer, [email protected]

    Rachel joined BFP this summer as a Campus Organizing Intern (and recent DivestBU student organizer) to help strategize for BFP's national expansion. She is thrilled to continue working to support the next generation of climate activists and trainers as a permanent Campus Organizer! She recently graduated from Boston University where she studied International Relations and Public Health with interests in environmental health, anti-imperialist development, and liberation movements. After re-learning the history of the industrial revolution and its dependence on oppression, Rachel joined the core organizing team of DivestBU where she led in coalition building on campus and contributed to victories of divestment from coal and tar sands (2016) and the adoption of BU’s BOLD Climate Action Plan (2017). She led the founding of the BU Community Greenhouse, a student-run cooperative that centers creating a radically inclusive and social justice-oriented space on campus, and supported the Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights in developing a career network resource. In spring of 2016, Rachel also studied abroad with the School for International Training in Kisumu, Kenya, where she researched failures of waste management to inform the nature of postcolonial democratic development. She is especially excited to contribute to dismantling the fossil fuel industry and supporting community resiliency efforts in communities facing the double threat of climate change and gentrification. Rachel works out of our Massachusetts office in Harvard Square.


    Long-time BFP staff Alyssa and Craig will continue working as part of the Campus Organizing team and supporting in various ways.

    Alyssa Lee, Campus Programs Manager, [email protected]

    Alyssa graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. Though originally interested in global health, she quickly fell in love with organizing through co-founding the Student Food Collective, an initiative to form a student-run and owned cooperative grocery, and starting the Fossil Free UCLA divestment campaign. She has also served as the Northern California Regional Organizer of the Divestment Student Network and as the Statewide Divestment Organizer for the California Student Sustainability Coalition. She hails from Modesto, CA in the northern Central Valley, and she considers her hometown a critical frontline community when viewing the narrative of climate change on the West Coast. Alyssa has been leading BFP's Campus Organizing program since she joined the team in September 2015. She will continue doing campus organizing work by supporting Gabbi and Rachel and helping to coordinate the program. Alyssa works out of our Massachusetts office in Harvard Square.

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    Woooo! I just invested in the next generation of climate organizers! (ps: they're really wonderful and you should too)

    Support Our Climate Organizing Fellows!

    $5,660.00 raised
    GOAL: $6,000.00

    Every summer, Better Future Project (BFP) assembles a group of dedicated students to work as  climate organizing fellows on grassroots campaigns. In early June, BFP provides fellows with immersive training in community organizing, campaign and movement strategy, facilitation, and more. The fellows then spend eight weeks collaborating on a community-oriented campaign, while receiving ongoing coaching and training. The campaigns vary from year to year, and this year fellows are excited to work on a divestment campaign that asks the iconic New England Aquarium to pull its investments from fossil fuels. When the fellows return to their campuses this fall, they will be primed with meaningful connections, enhanced skills, and renewed passion for the climate movement!


    You can invest in the next generation of climate leaders by contributing to the Climate Organizing Summer Program! All contributions help offset program costs, including scholarships that make it possible for many students to choose this opportunity over conventional summer jobs. 



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    New England Aquarium Fossil Fuel Divestment Petition

    828 signatures

    The New England Aquarium is a vital institution in our community that works to educate the public about climate change and its impacts. As patrons of the New England Aquarium, we are proud of its strong commitment to combating climate change. We encourage the aquarium to take the next step as a role model by becoming the first aquarium in the world to divest from fossil fuels

    The fossil fuel divestment movement has grown rapidly over the last five years to undermine the destructive influence of the fossil fuel industry, which disproportionately burdens the health, livelihoods, and lifespans of people of color and low-income people. Through divesting, the aquarium will further its mission to support the community, to act as a leader, and to create a sustainable blue planet for all people and marine wildlife.

    By signing this petition, I support the New England Aquarium’s Board of Trustees in divesting from the fossil fuel industry so that the aquarium can continue to be a role model for other local institutions that are committed to serving the public and the environment.

    To read the full petition, click here.

    To learn more about the campaign, click here.

    To stay up to date with our Facebook page, click here, or our Twitter, click here.


    Media Hits:

    Local Climate Justice Teach In, Boston Patch, June 26, 2017

    Aquarium Urged to Divest from Fossil Fuels, Chris Lovett with Boston Neighborhood Network, July 21, 2017

    Illuminated "Light Brigade" Advocates for New England Aquarium's Fossil Fuel Divestment In Support Of Climate Justice, CommonDreams, July 21, 2017

    Students Assemble Week-long Illuminated "Light Brigade," Advocating the New England Aquarium Divest from Fossil Fuels, Boston Patch, July 21, 2017


    This campaign has been endorsed by the following organizations and institutions:

    Small Planet Institute


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Campus Programs Manager with @BetterFuturePro since 2015. Fossil fuel divestment and climate justice organizer. Hometown in Modesto, CA.
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