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    Employer Matching

    Thank you for your gift! Did you know that many employers match employees' donations to charitable organizations like Better Future Project and 350 Mass? Asking your employer to match your gift is an easy way to contribute even more to the climate movement!

    1. Ask your human resources officer whether your employer has a matching gift program. (Some nonprofits, such as the Jimmy Fund, have online databases that list corporate matching programs, but keep in mind that these databases are not exhaustive.)
    2. Find out what information is required to request a matching gift. Your employer may ask you to complete a form or ask for Better Future Project's employer identification number (EIN)—it's 47-1015198.
    3. Contact Erica Rotman, Better Future Project's Director of Development, if you need any help! We're happy to confirm donations, provide our employer identification number, and so on.

    Take advantage of your employer's matching gift program to boost the Massachusetts climate movement!

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    Purchasing Power

    We know that consumer culture is part of what drives climate change, but not all purchases are created equal. In fact, some retailers offer ways to give back, so when you shop, you can contribute to the climate movement.

    Primary_Horizontal_Logo_Color.jpgBetter Future Project is a proud nonprofit partner of 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals working together for the health of our only home. Member businesses have committed to donating 1% of sales to approved partner nonprofits like Better Future Project. Learn more at, and consider supporting member businesses!*

    Giving_Assistant_logo.svgWe're part of Giving Assistant, a program that gives consumers cash back that they can direct to nonprofits such as Better Future Project. Visit Giving Assistant to learn how you can support Better Future Project when you shop online.

    AmazonSmile_screen_no_tagline.pngIf you already shop online at Amazon, consider using AmazonSmile, a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as When you shop on AmazonSmile and choose Better Future Project as the beneficiary, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to us.

    *If your business or employer is a member of 1% for the Planet, we'd love to talk about making Better Future Project one of your beneficiaries. Please contact Erica Rotman, Director of Development.

    Please note that the information presented on this page does not represent an endorsement by Better Future Project of any retailers or products.

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    I just invested in the next generation of climate organizers!

    Support Our Climate Organizing Fellows!

    $5,660.00 raised
    GOAL: $6,000.00

    Every summer, Better Future Project (BFP) assembles a group of dedicated students to work as  climate organizing fellows on grassroots campaigns. In early June, BFP provides fellows with immersive training in community organizing, campaign and movement strategy, facilitation, and more. The fellows then spend eight weeks collaborating on a community-oriented campaign, while receiving ongoing coaching and training. The campaigns vary from year to year, and this year fellows are excited to work on a divestment campaign that asks the iconic New England Aquarium to pull its investments from fossil fuels. When the fellows return to their campuses this fall, they will be primed with meaningful connections, enhanced skills, and renewed passion for the climate movement!


    You can invest in the next generation of climate leaders by contributing to the Climate Organizing Summer Program! All contributions help offset program costs, including scholarships that make it possible for many students to choose this opportunity over conventional summer jobs. 



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    New England Aquarium Fossil Fuel Divestment Petition

    828 signatures

    The New England Aquarium is a vital institution in our community that works to educate the public about climate change and its impacts. As patrons of the New England Aquarium, we are proud of its strong commitment to combating climate change. We encourage the aquarium to take the next step as a role model by becoming the first aquarium in the world to divest from fossil fuels

    The fossil fuel divestment movement has grown rapidly over the last five years to undermine the destructive influence of the fossil fuel industry, which disproportionately burdens the health, livelihoods, and lifespans of people of color and low-income people. Through divesting, the aquarium will further its mission to support the community, to act as a leader, and to create a sustainable blue planet for all people and marine wildlife.

    By signing this petition, I support the New England Aquarium’s Board of Trustees in divesting from the fossil fuel industry so that the aquarium can continue to be a role model for other local institutions that are committed to serving the public and the environment.

    To read the full petition, click here.

    To learn more about the campaign, click here.

    To stay up to date with our Facebook page, click here, or our Twitter, click here.


    Media Hits:

    Local Climate Justice Teach In, Boston Patch, June 26, 2017

    Aquarium Urged to Divest from Fossil Fuels, Chris Lovett with Boston Neighborhood Network, July 21, 2017

    Illuminated "Light Brigade" Advocates for New England Aquarium's Fossil Fuel Divestment In Support Of Climate Justice, CommonDreams, July 21, 2017

    Students Assemble Week-long Illuminated "Light Brigade," Advocating the New England Aquarium Divest from Fossil Fuels, Boston Patch, July 21, 2017


    This campaign has been endorsed by the following organizations and institutions:

    Small Planet Institute


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    Sign the Petition to Save Cape Wind!

    marcy_reed_v2.jpgMarcy Reed, the president of National Grid in MA, has been a long-term and enthusiastic supporter of offshore wind. Now, the fate of the nation's first offshore wind farm lies in her hands.  By reinstating National’s Grid commitment to buy 50% of the power from Cape Wind, she can save the nation’s first offshore wind farm, help create thousands of jobs, and move toward securing Massachusetts’ clean energy future. 

    4,036 signatures

    Dear Marcy Reed, President of National Grid in Massachusetts,

    We need National Grid to be a leader to help Massachusetts transition from fossil fuels to alternatives like wind.

    Massachusetts cannot afford the cost of continuing to dump pollution recklessly into the atmosphere. Rising global temperatures disrupt the livelihoods, and lives, of everyone. Climate change is having serious effects here in Massachusetts, including more frequent and severe storms and especially rising sea levels.

    Adding gas pipelines only increases our dependence on fossil fuels.  We need wind turbines, not gas pipelines, to move Massachusetts toward a clean energy economy. The Cape Wind project, in particular, is a vital step toward a sustainable future, and its fate is in your hands. 

    Please redouble your efforts to move away from fossil fuels by renewing your commitment to the Cape Wind project and by pledging your support for future wind energy projects.

    Sincerely yours,

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Beth is the Director of Development for Better Future Project.
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