Climate Legacy Campaign

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s term is winding down, but the promise of his landmark Global Warming Solutions Act remains unfulfilled. In his final months in office, we’re calling on him to take these three steps to set Massachusetts squarely on course towards becoming a full clean energy economy:

1) Ban the Worst

Keep the most extreme fossil fuels — coal, tar sands oil, and gas fracking — out of our state. Create a Just Transition Initiative to meet the needs of workers and communities currently dependent upon coal. Learn more.

2) Build Only the Best

All new energy infrastructure built in Massachusetts should be clean energy. Instead of making the climate problem worse, we’ll be building the future we want and creating thousands of local green jobs. Learn more.

3) Begin to Price the Rest

Pull together an inclusive task force to figure out how to price carbon fairly, holding polluters accountable for the social costs of coal, oil, and gas. Finally, our market will work for residents to live sustainably. Learn more.