Gov Baker: Ban Tar Sands Oil!


Tar sands oil is among the dirtiest of all fossil fuels, and it will soon be entering Massachusetts: a recent report from the Natural Resources Defense Council shows that by 2020, as much as 18% of Massachusetts' oil could be tar sands oil.

If there's anywhere where we can draw a line in the sand against tar sands oil, it's Massachusetts. That's why we're joining forces with other environmental and citizen groups and calling for a clean fuels standard, a new policy that would essentially ban tar sands oil from our state.

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Dear Governor Baker,

Extracting and burning tar sands fuels leads to poisoned water, clear-cut forests, broken treaties with indigenous peoples, and staggering levels of carbon pollution. Unless we take action, 18% of Massachusetts’ fuels could come from tar sands by 2020.

Please implement a clean fuels standard in Massachusetts to keep tar sands and other dirty fuels out of our state.

PS: Great work by Bryon Hinebaugh, who designed the "Ban Tar Sands" postcard image! 

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