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Please note that our office is on the second floor of a building without an elevator and unfortunately not wheelchair-accessible. 

Digital Disruption Manager

Supervisor: Director of Divest Ed

Position Status: Full-time

Salary Range: $44,000-$48,000 - Salary commensurate with experience 

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts or Remote

Send resume and interest letter to:
Subject: Digital Disruption Manager

The Job

We’re looking for a visionary digital campaign manager ready to tell us about the campaigns you implemented while leading a team, and who is eager to apply those insights at BFP. 

You are: 

Kind. Grounded. Someone who makes things happen. Wise, but practical; results-oriented, but you also *really* care about how doing work feels; direct, decisive, and willing to face difficult situations with determination and persistence. Laser-sharp-focused; and open-minded, taking things in their whole, true context.

When You Apply

Your Cover Letter

Highlight at least 2 digital campaigns you’ve led and managed a team to implement, and tell  us what happened: what were the outcomes, what changed in you, and what changed in your work processes as a result of these experiences?

Your Resume: Go AWF. We have a lot of applications coming in, so the more engaging and enjoyable it is to read, the better. Thank you.

The Specs


  • Digital Campaign Visioning, Management and Implementation
  • Amplifying the 2020 Divest Ed Fellowship
  • Supervision, hiring and leadership development


  • Manage 1 organizer focused on campus recruitment disruption, and hopefully future digital organizers as we grow our team
  • Work closely with Divest Ed organizers to amplify the program’s work, and determine strategy for digital campaigns and rapid response 
  • Strategize for organizing campaigns with organizational buy-in and student support
  • Manage email and SMS lists by writing content, overseeing production, and developing growth and acquisition strategies
  • Keep online community engaged 
  • Responsible to lead rapid response strategy in our national campaign and local efforts for our digital program, including giving direction and recommendations to colleagues


  • 4+ years demonstrated experience conceptualizing and implementing digital and/or grassroots campaigns from start to finish, including but not limited to petitions, engaging with activists on the ground, social media, and partner engagement 
  • Amazing video, graphics, web, email and social media prowess

The Ideal Candidate demonstrates:

  • Integrated understanding of critical race theory, womanism, and the ability to navigate issues of class, education, physical ability, power and privilege.
  • Passion for naming, interrogating and creating healing alternatives to white supremacy culture as it shows up in social justice spaces.


  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media best practices
  • SEO, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Adsense
  • Website building, management and traffic metrics
  • Google Suite, Slack, Zoom, and NationBuilder or Mailchimp

You don’t have to have a degree to apply for this position; just be great at what you do.

About Divest Ed and Better Future Project
Divest Ed is a program of Better Future Project and the national training and strategy hub for student fossil fuel divestment campaigns. Better Future Project is a registered nonprofit that works to build a diverse, powerful, and democratic grassroots movement that will drive society to address climate change and its devastating effects, advancing a fair and fast transition beyond coal, oil, and gas toward an economy powered by renewable energy that equitably benefits all people.


Divest Ed Digital Disruption Organizer

Supervisor: Divest Ed Manager

Position Status: Full-time

Salary Range: $38,000-$42,000 - Salary commensurate with experience 

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts or Remote

Send resume and interest letter to: 

Subject: Digital Disruption Organizer

The Job

We’re looking for a creative and energetic digital organizer to help us deepen and build the support we offer to college campuses, especially when it comes to disrupting on-campus recruitment events hosted by the fossil fuel industry and complicit companies, and bolstering our online organizing and communications to make the divestment movement more accessible and responsive to student life. This position will report to the Digital Disruption Manager and work closely with the Divest Ed Organizers and Senior Organizers.

You are:
Resourceful, off-beat, whimsical, reliable, cooperative, independent, a clear communicator, a believer in setting and achieving small personal wins, ambitious, growing.

The Specs

Required qualifications

  • Excellent writer, able to write concisely, clearly and quickly
  • Some professional experience in online organizing, political campaigns and/or public relations and marketing

The Ideal Candidate demonstrates:

  • Passion for naming, interrogating and creating healing alternatives to white supremacy culture as it shows up in social justice spaces
  • Strong skills of relational organizing, goal setting, strategic action planning, and coalition building, whether in a campus or community context
  • Knowledge in video, graphics, web, email, and social media. If you know code, too?! Seriously, email us.


  • Campus Organizing + Coaching
    • Support students in campus divestment campaigns to develop strategy, build student power, conduct negotiations, earn media attention, and develop organizing skills. 
      • Some travel to campuses may be required.
    • Specifically strategize, train, and support student organizers interested in disrupting fossil fuel industry/complicit recruitment on college campuses
    • Guide students to coordinate activities, strategies, and resources across campuses and connect with existing student networks
    • Connect student leaders with opportunities for off-campus engagement, such as major climate and environmental justice mobilizations and relevant political or legislative fights. 
  • Fellowship support
    • Help coordinate our annual summer Fellowship by conducting recruitment, leading organizing training webinars, and providing coaching and mentorship to student fellows.
  • Digital Content Creation
    • Develop content for social media, including but not limited to Facebook (FB), Instagram and Twitter 
    • Bottomline the design of original graphics, video, and FB ads


  • Excellent knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social media best practices
  • Google Suite, Slack, Zoom, NationBuilder

On-campus experience is ideal; be highly skilled, eager to grow, happy to share, and on. your. job.

Semester & Summer Organizing Internships

Better Future Project offers two paid internship positions each semester for a current or recently graduated student! This internship is in partnership with the Mass Clean Energy Center's Clean Energy Internship Program. NOTE: You must either have attended college in Massachusetts or graduated in the last year and are now a resident in Massachusetts.

We are specifically looking for young people with a demonstrated interest in issue-based community organizing. Past experience with social media, campus or community organizing, and advocacy are desired, but not required.

Compensation: $16 per hour
Hours: Flexible
     FALL/SPRING: Part-time, between 10-20 hours per week
     SUMMER: Part-time (25-39 hours per week) or Full-time
SPRING: January or February
     FALL: September or October
     SUMMER: May or June
End: Approx. 12-15 weeks after your starting week
Location: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all programs of Better Future Project are operating remotely through the 2020 fall semester.

We are currently accepting applications for both the 350 Mass and Divest Ed fall interns. See the job postings and instructions on how to apply here

The final application deadline is 11:59 PM Eastern on Wednesday, August 5th, 2020. However, we review applications on a rolling basis, so applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Volunteer Opportunities

We also may have other volunteer opportunities in the office. If interested, please e-mail Jobs[at] with your resume and cover letter, including details on your past experience and the type of work you are interested in doing.

Better Future Project is an equal opportunity employer. We are an organization working to actively challenge systems of oppression. Women, people of color, indigenous people, people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, military veterans, and members of other historically disenfranchised groups are encouraged to apply.