Meet our Spring 2018 Climate Organizing Fellows on February 25th!

Introducing our Spring 2018 Climate Organizing Fellows! We are lucky to have 14 fellows from 7 campuses who have are dedicating much of their free time to growing their leadership skills and to developing as strong organizers in their campus climate campaigns.

Read on to learn about our fellows and their upcoming Mass Climate Organizing Training!

Introducing Our Spring 2018 Fellows:

Sankari Nadanapathan, Boston College

Sankari Nadanapathan is 19 years old and a first-year student at Boston College majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development. She is a member of Climate Justice at Boston College which is working towards divestment at BC. She is passionate about this issue because she recognizes the intersectionality between climate change and other injustices, such as racism and classism. She joined the Climate Organizing Fellowship because she believes in student activism and the power in numbers.


Renee Nichols, Boston College

Renée is 19 years old and a current freshman at Boston College. Renée is in the midst of pursuing her degree in Physics. At Boston College, Renée is a first year member of CJBC - Climate Justice of Boston College, a group focusing on fossil fuel divestment at BC. Renée is also involved in Women in STEM, a group focused on encouraging women to go into the male dominated fields related to STEM. Renée joined the fellowship because she wanted to learn more about how divestment campaigns may be successful, and because she has an large love for the world.


Stephanie Eggers, Boston University

Stephanie is 19 years old and currently a sophomore at BU double-majoring in Environmental Analysis and Policy and Economics. She is an active member of DivestBU and their core team. She is working to get divestment back on the Board of Trustee’s agenda after they passed the aggressive climate action plan in December 2017. Stephanie joined DivestBU after taking a strong interest in fighting climate change in a world where many people do not view it as a pressing issue. She joined the fellowship to learn how to better campaign for climate justice to help DivestBU.


Bolaji Olagbegi, Boston University

Bolaji is a 19 year old sophomore who got involved in environmental justice work through Divest BU her freshman year at Boston University. As a student studying Environmental Analysis and Policy, she felt compelled to join the club because of the initial excitement and strong willed approach of the organization. She values the importance of people power and is a firm believer in taking action to evoke change. And she joined the fellowship to improve on her organizing skills and grow with like-minded people.


Renata Leighton, Brandeis University

Renata Leighton is a first year student at Brandeis University. The 19 year old is planning to double major in environmental studies and theatre. Renata is involved in Brandeis Climate Justice, Senate Sustainability Committee, and is a member of a Sustainability themed Leader-Scholar Community. Renata believes climate change poses a massive threat to all life on Earth. She would like to do all she can to combat it, as well as help communities around the world cope with its effects. Renata joined the fellowship to connect with like minded young people with whom she can change the world.


Tamar Moss, Brandeis University

Tamar Moss (19 years old) is a first-year student at Brandeis University majoring in Environmental Studies. She is part of Students for Environmental Action and Brandeis Climate Justice, which is urging the university to divest from fossil fuels. She believes that climate change is the biggest issue her generation will face, and wants to do everything in her power to thwart it. Tamar is excited to meet other students who are passionate about climate action, and to learn more about fossil fuel divestment through the Climate Organizing Fellowship.


Gracie Jackson, Clark University

Gracie is a sophomore at Clark University and is a psychology major with a sociology minor. Climate justice has struck Gracie's interest because as a psych major, she hopes to connect with people to create positive growth not only in their personal lives but in the environments that make it possible. Working in climate justice allows her to examine the intersections between social justice and standing up to the fossil fuel industries that cause this disproportionate oppression.


Laddy DeLuca Lowell, Clark University

Laddy is 19 years old and a current sophomore at Clark University majoring in International Development. She is an active member of Divest Clark which is a group of students pushing the Clark administration to take their money out of the fossil fuel industry while centering racial justice in their narrative. She believes that stigmatizing the fossil fuel industry in the eyes of the public will create positive change for the future of the planet. She decided to become a part of the Climate Organizing Fellowship in order to learn effective organizing tactics while making connections with other students doing similar work.


Thomas Bunnell, College of the Holy Cross

Tom is a sophomore chemistry major at the College of the Holy Cross. He is a member of HC Fossil Free where they are campaigning for divestment of the college’s endowment. He joined the fellowship so that he could be part of a larger network of Massachusetts students and campus’ involved with divestment and to be trained in campaign strategy and leadership.



Xochitl Tapia, College of the Holy Cross

Xochitl Tapia is an 18 year old freshman at College of the Holy Cross. While undeclared, she has a keen interest in Latin American Studies and Environmental Studies. She has been a member of HC Fossil Free since the beginning of the semester to promote the divestment of fossil fuel industries. While she partook in recycling initiatives in high school, she wanted to be a part of something that would make a bigger structural impact on the world. She later joined the fellowship to learn more about the climate justice movement and meet others involved in Massachusetts.


Claire Halloran, MIT

Claire is an MIT sophomore studying materials science and engineering. She is a member of the MIT Climate Action team, a student group dedicated to empowering the MIT community to support federal, state, and municipal policies that minimize greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change. As an engineering student, Claire believes that both technological advances and ambitious policies must converge to mitigate climate change. She participates in the Better Future Project Climate Organizing Fellowship to develop her skills as a community organizer and to connect with other climate-concerned students in Massachusetts.


Celia Bottger, Tufts University

Celia Bottger is a 19 year old sophomore at Tufts University double majoring in Environmental Studies and International Relations with a focus in environmental policy. At Tufts, she is a co-leader of Tufts Climate Action, a fossil fuel divestment campaign and climate justice group on campus. She joined TCA because she believes that above all, climate change is a human issue, and climate change work inherently intersects with social justice struggles around the world. Celia joined the BFP Climate Organizing Fellowship this year to learn how to better organize students around climate justice issues and how to use people power to delegitimize the fossil fuel industry.


James Garijo-Garde, Tufts University

James Garijo-Garde is a 19-year-old second-year student at Tufts University majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive & Brain Sciences and minoring in Political Science. He joined Tufts Climate Action this year because he believes that Earth is humanity's home and must be protected and maintained to last for the far future. James was inspired to join the Fellowship because he wants to learn grassroots political strategy while supporting a valuable cause.



Aviva Kardener, Tufts University

Aviva is 21 years old and a Senior at Tufts University double majoring in Environmental Studies & Peace and Justice Studies. At Tufts, she is an organizer with Tufts Climate Action, a club on campus dedicated to guiding our institution toward real climate change solutions, building leadership on and off campus, and contributing to the international climate justice movement. She joined to work with organizers of TCA to center the group's efforts on justice and communicating the human cost of the fossil fuel industry to the Tufts community and administration. The Climate Organizing Fellowship supports Aviva's work to think strategically and from a community organizing perspective to make social change within her community. 

These fellows will be the training team for our Spring 2018 Mass Climate Organizing Training!

The Spring 2018 Mass Climate Organizing Training will be on February 25th, 2018 from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm at BU Central, Boston University (775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215). This training will be entirely facilitated and led by our fellows! This is a FREE, one-day training for any college student in Massachusetts who is working on climate action & justice campaigns OR wants to learn about climate organizing. The training will offer basic campaign organizing skills as well as breakout spaces for students across campuses to share with each other. Lunch will be included!

Come join us on February 25th! Sign up here and join our Facebook Event here. The registration deadline is February 18th, 2018.

To read about the last Mass Training we had in Fall 2017, check out our blog post here.

If you have any questions, please contact Alyssa Lee, Better Future Project Campus Programs Manager at [email protected].

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