October 23, 2014
Contact: Emily Kirkland

“Coalition to Lower Energy Costs” Launches Misleading TV Ad

The newly-formed “Coalition to Lower Energy Costs” announced today that they would begin running a TV ad claiming that the proposed Kinder-Morgan gas pipeline is necessary to lower energy costs for New England consumers. The ad can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5g4E4bv_qw&feature=youtu.be

Craig Altemose, Executive Director of Better Future Project, issued the following statement in response:

The ad created by the ‘Coalition to Lower Energy Costs’ is misleading and unfair. The ad conveniently overlooks the fact that the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline couldn’t be finished until 2018. The pipeline cannot have any impact on electricity price spikes this winter (or next winter, or the following winter).

The ad fails to account for the true costs of gas: polluted groundwater from fracking, despoiled wilderness around drilling wells and pipelines, the constant risk of terrifying explosions, and the existential threat of climate change. Gas drilling wells, pipelines, and plants leak methane, an extremely powerful greenhouse gas. If we increase our use of gas, New England families and communities will pay the price in the form of rising seas, stronger storms, a shortened winter snow season, heatwaves, crop pests, and collapsing fisheries.

Instead of installing new gas infrastructure, we should be pursuing energy policies that keep prices low without imperiling our health, our environment or our climate. The recent price increases are not driven by an overall shortage of natural gas, but by the expectation of occasional spikes in demand on the very coldest winter days. Energy efficiency improvements, market reforms and expanded use of renewables could alleviate these spikes in demand, eliminating the need for new pipelines while diversifying our energy supply and creating thousands of new jobs.

The “Coalition to Lower Energy Costs” is a blatant corporate front group looking to build a very specific pipeline offered by a very specific company (Kinder Morgan). Tony Buxton, who serves as the coalition’s General Counsel and Spokesperson, was recently quoted serving as a professional spokesperson for Kinder MorganThey should change their name to “The Coalition to Increase Profits for Kinder Morgan.”

New Englanders deserve serious solutions to our energy problems — not the all-too-easy answers offered by fossil fuel companies and their allies. We need to meet our energy needs with Commonwealth sun, more Commonwealth wind, and more common-sense efficiency.”

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