Transition and Transformation: Reflecting on the Spring 2018 Climate Organizing Fellowship

Written by Anastasia Christilles, Spring 2018 Campus Organizing Intern

A goofy picture of our fellows at our final fellowship training on April 15th. Not all fellows were able to make it so some are not pictured.

Springtime is often associated with transition and transformation. Longer days. Flowers blooming. Trees budding with new leaves. While the weather in Boston as of late hasn’t exactly reflected that change, students have been gearing up for their critical transition from the spring semester to the next school year in the fall. Our fellows have been focusing on how to plan for this transition in their climate campaigns during the last two trainings of the Spring 2018 Climate Organizing Fellowship.

Our final two trainings of this year’s fellowship consisted of learning about leadership development, planning transition plans for the fall, and meeting with the Campus Divestment Advisory Committee (CDAC). In our March training, fellows learned about the ladder of engagement, distributing leadership within campaigns, and how to get new people involved as core organizers.

In our April training this past Sunday, fellows brainstormed ideas of how to keep campaigns active over the summer and how to start the fall semester strong. They were also joined by several members of the CDAC, who offered valuable answers to students’ questions about investing and financial literacy. We ended this final training in a circle where both fellows and CDAC members shared their suggestions and hopes for Better Future Project’s upcoming expansion into national campus divestment organizing.

This semester, BFP will make its own transition from working with schools in Massachusetts to supporting young climate leaders across the country. This is not just a transition--it’s a transformation. As a graduating student who has spent all four years of college working on fossil fuel divestment at Brandeis, I’m excited to see Better Future Project continue its commitment towards supporting and empowering other student organizers like myself.

Thank you to our fellows for always putting their best foot forward!Thank you to our fellows for always putting their best foot forward!

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