Sign the Hail Mary Petition to Save Cape Wind

After fourteen years of effort, Cape Wind -- meant to be the nation’s first offshore wind farm -- is in trouble. As you probably know, National Grid and Northeast Utilities, which had agreed to purchase power from Cape Wind, backed out of their agreements in early January after a lawsuit funded by oil billionaire Bill Koch prevented Cape Wind from locking down the full financing for the project. Now, the project is on life support, at best.

Sign our petition to save Cape Wind!

save_cape_wind_button.pngOffshore wind is crucial to New England’s clean energy future, and we’re not willing to let Cape Wind die without a fight. Marcy “Mary” Reed, the president of National Grid in MA, has been a long-term and enthusiastic supporter of wind power. Now, Cape Wind’s fate lies in her hands. By reinstating National’s Grid commitment to buy 50% of the power from Cape Wind, she can save the nation’s first offshore wind farm, help create thousands of jobs, and move toward securing Massachusetts’ clean energy future.

We’re launching a “Hail Mary” effort to call on Marcy Reed to save Cape Wind. Sign our petition now and help us keep Cape Wind alive!

As climate activists, we often find ourselves saying “no” to dirty and dangerous coal, oil and gas. Let’s seize this chance to say “YES!” and demand the kind of clean energy solutions we need.

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