NationBuilder comes with a series of specialized page templates that allow your supporters to interact with you and each other on your website, enhancing the community aspect of your nation. Here's a quick summary of what each of these pages are all about:

Activity Stream: A Facebook-style news feed of activity happening on the site or of people you're following.

Find Friends: For people to use their Facebook or Twitter accounts to connect with their friends and followers who have already joined.

Followers: Everyone following the signed in person.

Follows: Everyone the signed in person is following.

Leaderboard: Publish one or many leaderboards to recognize your stars. A container for leaderboards created under People > Leaderboards, which can include recognition for recruiting, twitter activity and political capital. You can also create a text and rich media introduction. For more on leaderboards, click here.

Social Capital: The history and current balance of the signed in person's social/political capital. Social Capital is NationBuilder's currency system; supporters are rewarded with social capital when they take action on your site. For more on Social Capital, click here.

Recruiting: Recruit friends and track their involvement. Have they donated? Are they volunteering? You can create an introduction and select a page for supporters to promote. Automatically generates recruiter links for many social media sites.




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