We Just Delivered 1300+ Postcards Calling for a Ban on Tar Sands Oil!

On Thursday, 350 Massachusetts activists and Better Future Project staff delivered 1300+ postcards calling for a ban on tar sands oil to David Cash, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. He said that the DEP would make progress towards tracking tar sands oil before Governor Patrick leaves office. Tracking would allow us to know exactly how much tar sands oil is entering Massachusetts, and it's a great first step towards a ban on tar sands oil in our state! Great work by all who have pushed for a ban on tar sands oil by collecting postcards or sending the online petition link to friends. 


20141211_094858.jpgEven as the state government works to track tar sands oil, our grassroots movement needs to continue pushing to keep tar sands -- the dirtiest of all fossil fuels -- out of Massachusetts. By taking action at the state and local level, we can draw a line in the sand and stiffen the spine of national leaders like President Obama. Interested in getting involved in the fight against tar sands? Consider passing a local resolution calling for a tar sands ban! If you've got questions or want to get involved, contact Emily Kirkland, [email protected]

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