Turner Bledsoe

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    Yours is a very important campaign as it promises to highlight the huge impact global warming is having and will have on marine life. This is an under reported disaster in the making. The recent article in the PNAS on the evolving 6th extinction speaks to the drastic impact of GW on mammalian species: 50% gone – all survivors declining. A similar accounting for marine life or revealing data on fisheries declines should be added to your appeal with the aquarium. We are watching our Garden of Eden go up in the flames of runaway global warming – thanks to the greed and chicanery of the petroleum industry.
    Tell the Aquarium the whole story!! Turner Bledsoe, South Shore Node, 350MA

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    Sign the Petition to Save Cape Wind!

    marcy_reed_v2.jpgMarcy Reed, the president of National Grid in MA, has been a long-term and enthusiastic supporter of offshore wind. Now, the fate of the nation's first offshore wind farm lies in her hands.  By reinstating National’s Grid commitment to buy 50% of the power from Cape Wind, she can save the nation’s first offshore wind farm, help create thousands of jobs, and move toward securing Massachusetts’ clean energy future. 

    4,036 signatures

    Dear Marcy Reed, President of National Grid in Massachusetts,

    We need National Grid to be a leader to help Massachusetts transition from fossil fuels to alternatives like wind.

    Massachusetts cannot afford the cost of continuing to dump pollution recklessly into the atmosphere. Rising global temperatures disrupt the livelihoods, and lives, of everyone. Climate change is having serious effects here in Massachusetts, including more frequent and severe storms and especially rising sea levels.

    Adding gas pipelines only increases our dependence on fossil fuels.  We need wind turbines, not gas pipelines, to move Massachusetts toward a clean energy economy. The Cape Wind project, in particular, is a vital step toward a sustainable future, and its fate is in your hands. 

    Please redouble your efforts to move away from fossil fuels by renewing your commitment to the Cape Wind project and by pledging your support for future wind energy projects.

    Sincerely yours,

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