Seven Nights of Lights

WEEK 6-- Across all cultures, there are two things that really draw people together: music and art. Phillip and Nate, our Public Actions team, had the wonderful idea of using art to spread awareness about our campaign. Inspired by a the public art demonstrations of the Overpass Light Brigade, we organized a seven day light brigade that focused on various popular Boston destinations.


Night 1: Boston Common, State House


 Night 2: North Station


 Night 3: Massachusetts Ave. Bridge


Night 4: City Hall Plaza 


Night 5: Massachusetts Ave.


Night 6: Arthur Fiedler Footbridge

Each night, around 9 pm, we convene at our designated location, distribute the 15 black poster boards, and line up, ready to draw people in with our light up letters. Some nights we sing, substituting words related to our campaign into popular songs, but mostly we talk with each other and those passing by. For me, these seven nights have been the highlight of the program. There is something powerful about the energy we have as a group when we are out in Boston, holding our light up letters, encouraging people to take photos, post on social media, and sign our petition. While we have seen our campaign spread to new territories this week and finally gain more momentum, it has also given our group the opportunity to strengthen the relationships we have already built with one another over these past two months.

After the hour of our light brigade is up, many of us walked away feeling more excited and hopeful for the future of our campaign. This was felt on the first night when we were in Boston Common, and only continued to grow as the nights went on.

Tonight is our final night of the light brigade. There will be reporters, volunteers, the organizing fellows, and those walking by who choose to join us. I am excited to see how our our peaceful art demonstration will further the momentum of our campaign, in these final weeks and beyond.

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