Join the Festival for Our Future in Salem

Picture1On August 16, we’ll gather in Salem for a family-friendly “Festival for Our Future” to show our continued opposition to the proposed Salem gas plant. We’ll envision a clean energy future for Salem and beyond through children’s games, art projects, speeches, more. The Soul and Jazz Festival at Salem Willows is the same weekend, so come and make a day of it! The jazz festival and the action will both be accessible by trolley from the commuter rail station. Register here! 

WHAT: Family-friendly “rally for a better future” to show opposition to the proposed Salem gas plant
WHEN: Saturday, August 16, 2-4 pm
WHERE: Derby Wharf, Salem, MA

Register now!

Join the Rally to Stop the Pipeline!

Here’s a riddle for you: what do goats, apple farmers and Bill Cosby all have in common? tumblr_n974c4OH9h1tgtyvgo1_1280


They oppose the proposed Kinder Morgan gas pipeline — as do poets, musicians, kayakers, chickens, kids, climate activists, dozens of state and local officials, and concerned citizens from all over Massachusetts.

Kinder Morgan, one of the country’s largest fossil fuel companies, wants to build a brand-new pipeline to bring fracked gas from Pennsylvania through our state. And citizens are being asked to pay for it. tumblr_n9bu1319XS1tgtyvgo1_1280

It’s outrageous. On Wednesday, July 30th, we’ll join people from all over Massachusetts to say NO to the Kinder Morgan pipeline, NO to the gas tariff, and NO to fracked gas in Massachusetts.

Can you be there?

WHAT: Rally against the Kinder Morgan pipeline and the gas tariff
WHERE: Massachusetts State House, 24 Beacon St, Boston
WHEN: Wednesday, July 30th, 11 am – 1pm

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Buy Your Tickets to New York NOW!

The link to buy tickets to the People’s Climate March in September is NOW LIVE!

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE: PCM Wooden NYC Meme -photo credit=Looking Glass

  • We will be leaving from four locations in Massachusetts: Alewife Train Station in Cambridge, Haigis Mall at UMass-Amherst, Union Station in Worcester, and the Super Stop & Shopin the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.
  • We are offering two trips: a two-day trip from Sept. 20-21 and a one-day trip on Sept. 21. ALL buses, regardless of date or location, will leave in the morning at 7:30 AM and will leave New York at 6 PM on Sunday. Tickets are priced at $30 for a regular ticket and $15 for a low income ticket.
  • If individuals buying a bus seat note an additional location they would prefer to depart from other than the four listed and there is enough interest in a bus departing from that location, we will look into having a bus depart from that location.

Help us pay the full cost of the buses by making a donation through the Better Future Project donation page!

Another important event going on in the lead-up to the March is the People’s Climate March Organizing Tour, which will be making a stop in the Boston area. The tour is meant to discuss organizing along with recruitment, using art in transformative ways, and bus captaining. The Boston-area stop will include local organizing, skills-based training, arts engagement, and affinity group organizing and action planning for Massachusetts organizations. The event will be August 2nd from 5-9 PM at the Democracy Center (45 Mt. Auburn St. Cambridge, MA); you can register for it here. This can be an amazing opportunity for people to collaborate and create our vision for what a united Massachusetts looks like at the March!

Now that the registration page is live, the best thing you all can do is OUTREACH! Continue sharing information with people and organizations you know and of which you are a part, and direct them towards the registration page to get them on a seat! Also, fill out this form if you haven’t already to indicate interest in helping with outreach and bus captaining.

It’s Time to Ban Tar Sands!


The horrors of the tar sands are familiar by now: poisoned water, clear-cut forests, broken treaties with First Nations peoples, and staggering levels of carbon pollution. That’s why it’s outrageous — almost unbelievable — that by 2020, 11-18% of Massachusetts’ oil could come from the tar sands. As part of the Climate Legacy Campaign, we have been calling on Governor Patrick to ban tar sands oil. On July 13th, Governor Patrick will meet with his peers at the New England Governors’ Conference. Together, they could implement a regional Clean Fuels Standard to ban tar sands oil from New England entirely. We are staging a People’s Conference to tell them to follow the will of the people and ban tar sands now!
WHAT: People’s Conference and Speak Out
WHEN: 12PM, July 13th
WHERE: Bretton Woods, New Hampshire
Register here to let us know you are coming so we can coordinate transportation!

Check Out Our Newest Report!

cover imageBetter Future Project / 350 Massachusetts released a new report today showing that methane leakage increases the climate impact of natural gas consumed in Massachusetts by as much as 172%, adding dramatically to the state’s overall greenhouse gas emissions.

The new report reviews the latest scientific literature and finds that, over a 100-year timescale, methane leaks adds 34-68% to the greenhouse gas emissions from the use of natural gas. Evaluated over 20 years, methane leakage adds 86-172% to the greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas.  Natural gas pipelines, plants and drilling wells leak methane, which is a much more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide when leaked directly into the atmosphere. Methane stays in the atmosphere for fewer years than does carbon dioxide, so its greenhouse gas impact is greater over 20 years than over 100 years. There is no scientific consensus as to which time period is more relevant for evaluating the potentially disastrous impacts of climate change on the planet.

The report also finds that fully accounting for methane leaks would raise overall statewide greenhouse gas emissions in Massachusetts by 10 to 25% — an amount which negates much of the state’s emissions reduction efforts over the last decade and threatens to push the state’s legally mandated 2020 emissions reduction target of 25% below 1990 levels out of reach.

Many federal and state agencies, including the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, rely on out-dated or inaccurate estimates for methane leakage. Because Massachusetts, like many New England states, is highly dependent on natural gas, properly accounting for methane leaks has a dramatic impact on the state’s overall emissions profile.

The state’s consumption of natural gas has grown by more than 30% since 2000,  and natural gas power plants within Massachusetts provide around around 68% of all the electricity consumed in-state. Fracked gas, which is associated with higher methane emissions, makes up a rapidly increasing proportion of the region’s gas supply.

Read the full report here. 

The report was co-sponsored by Toxics Action Center, Students for a Just and Stable Future and the Climate Action Liaison Coalition.

Tell ISO-NE: No Backroom Deals for Fossil Fuel Companies!

salem-harbor-power-plant-e1393017684979-638x425When the controversial new gas plant in Salem was first proposed, the New England grid operator told Footprint Power that they would need to open the plant by June 2016 or face steep fines. The president of Footprint Power has admitted that the company will miss the deadline and now he expects the New England grid operator, which is known as ISO-NE, to cut a deal and waive the fines. Click here to sign our letter to ISO-NE and tell them not to make a backroom deal with Footprint Power! Instead of bending over backwards for fossil fuel companies, ISO-NE should find ways to meet new electricity demand through wind, solar, geothermal, small-scale hydropower, efficiency, and conservation.

Mark your calendars: Better Future Project, 350 Massachusetts, and our partners on the North Shore are organizing a major mobilization against the Salem plant on August 17th. It won’t be easy, but we’re determined to stop this plant in its tracks.

Tyler Park Festival in Lowell on Thursday Featuring Climate Summer

424578_274813275925373_1329753435_nEach year, residents of Lowell gather for live music, local art, and free hot dogs at Tyler Park. This year, the Tyler Park Festival will mark the formal start-up of the 350MA Lowell node. Lowell residents have been planning to bring 350MA to Lowell for months.  The Lowell-presence for 350MA will make it easier for people in Lowell to stay up to date with climate issues and take action to slow climate change. Climate Summer will also be there! Climate Summer is Better Future Project’s flagship leadership development program; Climate Summer riders spend the summer bicycling across Massachusetts building the grassroots climate movement.
WHAT: Friends of Tyler Park Festival featuring Climate Summer
WHERE: Tyler Park, 64 Tyler Park, Lowell
WHEN: Thursday, June 19, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Salem Gas Plant Successfully Delayed!

The CEO of Footprint Power, the owner of the proposed natural gas plant in Salem, has admitted that the plant will not be completed by June 2016. This is huge news: if the plant is not done by June 2016, the owners will face huge fines from ISO-New England, which operates the regional electric grid. The delay throws the entire future of the plant into question; it seems that Footprint still hasn’t secured all of the financing for the plant, and if they can’t guarantee that the plant will be finished on time, it will be difficult for them to find investors. Scott Silverstein, the Footprint CEO, attributes the delay to grassroots opposition, especially the legal appeals filed by our partners on the North Shore. Let’s keep the pressure on and stop this plant!

Mothers Out Front Spins Off

Mothers Out Front LogoMothers Out Front is a network of mothers, grandmothers, and other caregivers who can no longer be silent and still about the very real danger that climate change poses to our children’s and grandchildren’s future. Co-founded by Better Future Project co-founder Vanessa Rule and Better Future Project Advisory Board Member Kelsey Wirth, this network of mothers is giving voice to a bold new constituency of mothers who are leading the way to climate solutions. For more information, visit

Better Future Project and Mothers Out Front are pleased to announce to our network of staff, volunteers, and other key supporters — namely, our family and friends — that effective June 1st, 2014, each of us will launch a non-profit 501c3 organization. (Mothers Out Front will remain a program of Better Future Project through June 1st, 2014.) This next evolution reflects the success of our work and our movement’s growing maturity.  We aim for each to have optimal control over mission and direction, while maintaining the close connection that sustains our shared work.  We hope you share our excitement about this next step as we continue to build the movement to tackle the greatest challenge of our time.

Join Us for the People’s Climate March!

Peoples-Climate-March-e1400785401490During the weekend of September 20-21, hundreds of thousands of people will gather in NYC for the largest climate march the world has ever seen. This is a chance to make history.

Better Future Project is planning to bring hundreds of people to New York for the March. We’re still working out the details — check back here regularly for updates!

If you’re planning to attend the march as a participant, you can buy a ticket HERE 

To help with planning, logistics, and outreach, please fill out our volunteer interest form.


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